Message from CEO

Although Speed Courier is a new venture in Malawi yet the Team and Management is not new in the Service Industry. I trust on the ability and skill of my Team. The country’s economic outlook covered inside, is the reason we believe that not only ‘the best is yet to come’ but ‘soon to come’. With world-class technology and physical infrastructure in place, Speed Courier at this time, is well poised for this opportunity. Since our future is inextricably linked to our customers’, we are relentlessly developing new services and processes that will enable them to keep ahead of their competitors in the newly shaping global economy. To this end, our latest offering: “The Supply Chain Advisory” aims at enhancing their Supply Chain efficiencies with customized Speed Courier solutions. Not constrained by geographic boundaries, our business model aims at an optimum trajectory capturing our true economic potential. A fair challenge for a new generation of our Management Team, drawn up from the best and the brightest, imbued with an entrepreneurial spirit and the wisdom of an experienced Board. My Best Wishes,


Saqib Malik .


About Speed


Delivering Beyond Customer Expectations


To direct all organizational efforts at building upon the existing organizational strengths and brand recognition to achieve enhanced levels of profitable growth in the core business.

Furthermore, we aim to diversify into new areas that complement as well as supplement the core business areas, along with the diversification aimed at achieving excellent and industry leader status in the new areas.

Speed employees aim to be open to unconventional

ideas and services, and to deftly recognize industry

trends at early stages.


Corporate Profile






Mr. Saqib Hayat Malik

Chief Executive Officer


Mr. Jaafar Youssef Diab

Managing Director


Mr. Youssef  Mohammed Diab



Mr. Talha Malik





Community Service Obligation


We are bound to provide the community service as under

1. To provide a courier service on acceptable ,standard of quality and reasonable price

2. To participate in the process of postal policies and regulations.

3. To notifications of changes, suspension of services and value added services.

4. To provide with the product and services that take in to the consideration prevailing  culture social and    economics situation.

5. To provide the privacy and confidentiality as to nature and content of the services /product that an operator may obtain or handle as a result of serving a customer.

6. To make a representations through a postal consumer consultative body to Government Regulators and services providers on masters pertaining to the services and products offered.

7. Will operate in comfortable place for convenience of customers, waiting room with good ventilation.

8. Will have the secured place for the storage of the parcels articles.

9. Will comply with quality of service.

10. Will negotiate in good faith and use reasonable endeavor to resolve the disputes.


We have to discharge our social responsibility as under

Quality of service

- As courier operator will comply with the quality of service standards set and monitored by the authority.

- Will abide by all regulations implemented by the authority.

Fare competition

- Will not breach a fair competition

- Will give the information to authority with in 15 days from the notice given.


- Do fair and equal treatment with out discrimination.

Privacy and confidentiality

- Will sustain the policy of privacy and confidentiality

- Customer policy and disabled and elderly persons

1. As humanitarian grounds we have also policy to assist the disabled and elderly persons, this policy consists on,

2. Special treatment in sense of services regarding easy access to corporate premises.

3. To make arrangement for the collection of articles from their own area of living

4. Special rebate on the tariff

5. To arrange a comfortable and respectable environment in the corporate premises in case of visit by their own choice.